Going Away party

Friday the 29th 7pm-whenever
Northgate Lakes Clubhouse


For those of you that don't know about Northgate, it's a club house in an apartment complex near  UCF
You can get directions here The party will be up front but you have to park in the dirt lot in the back of the complex or they will tow your car.  There is a pool so if you want to swim bring your suit.


Dragoncon Parade Group

So apparently we have to be at Woodruff Park  (51 Peachtree Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA) at 9:30, and it's about a half mile from the Hyatt. 

I would like for everyone to meet at 9:00am Saturday morning in the lobby of the Hyatt near the  starbucks we will then walk from there to Woodruff Park.   If you are not there by 9am expect to be left behind, however you can still join up with us at Woodruff park if you prefer.

This is what I need from everyone planing on marching.

Please check in here only if you are absolutely sure you Are going to Dragoncon, will have your costume finished, and will get up and be ready to march by 9AM Saturday morning.   Didn't sign up in the first round? I didn't up date when you signed up? (sorry about this I got super busy and I wasn't get LJ comments in my inbox)  I doesn't matter, as long as you have a pokemon costume you can march, just check in here. 

I don't need your pokemon name or number, at the moment I no longer really care about repeats, I just want to make sure I get a parade ribbon for everyone in the group. (you can't march without them, I want to be able to give an accurate count of how many we need)  

so a new list that I will try to keep updated, though I will stop taking "check-ins" and give the people in charge of the parade our final numbers next Monday, the 18th.

2. ravien
3.souvay 4.lilacwire 5. star_angel83

Katsucon and Pokemons

Katsucon was AMAZING So many people who I hardly ever get to see and I didn't get to spend enough time with any of you. I have to think of something super awesome to do for Wane because he ROCKS HARD and is AMAZING.
I haven't really had time to process photos from katsu but there is one shot of my Shiva up here

Anyways on to Pokemon. I want to do a cosplay group. Not just any group, a group of EPIC WIN using the designs found here
if you're having trouble browsing the site there is a photobucket with all the designs

If you want to do a group and can't make dragon, Kasai is organizing meetups for other cons around the country.

News Flash
This is now a Parade Group
This group has gotten so big it can't really gather in any of the con areas

I'm making this group fully open so anyone and everyone can be in it, characters will be claimed on a first come first serve basis and I will keep a running list here, the only thing is I want only one person per a Pokemon. There are 493 of them, I think we can manage this.  The group will be at Dragoncon because I want it HUGE LIKE PS3. 
Also if the pokemon you want to do has a really lame design feel free to change it... just try to keep it to this style.  (a few of them are like naked girls)  THERE ARE MALE DESIGNS, just not as many as there are female.
CLAIMED       (ps. please include pokemon numbers when you claim)

Bulbasaur - Emuko
002. Ivysaur - momokah
003. Venusaur - ravien
006. Charizard -Themattyshow
009. Blastoise - Neo Spike
012. Butterfree - Sewing Godess
015. Beedrill -
016, Pidgey -jainamsolo
018. Pigot - AmazonMandy
22. Absol - Neon Genocide
024. Arbok - hooded_woman
Pikachu - pikabellechu
026. Raichu -wicked0witch
027. Sandshrew - Reanna
028. Sandslash -
035. Celfairy - huongstar
036, Clefable - fatwetdog
037. Vulpix - invaderpez
038. Ninetails - nativegirl
039 Jigglypuff  - theannadoom
041 Zubat - vampirate777
043. Vileplume - morganwolf
044 Gloom - ladyamaryllis
052. Meowth - berryberryrose
053. Persian - yuffiebunny
059. Arcanine - dreamlandtea
064. Kadabra - Rubyli
071. Victreebell -
073 - Tentacruel -sundancekat
077. Ponyta - scruffyrebel
078. RapidDash - haruhi_chan
079. Slowpoke - notusachan
080. Slowbro -idleambition
084. Doduo - </b>arkadia
087. Dewgong - Ryoko 
88: Grimer -Daguru
093. Haunter -adrianakalego
104. Cubone - ikitten
106. hitmonlee - </b></a>swordman2005
108 Lickitung - velvy
110. Weezing - yorufallenangel
113. Treeco - pixiekitty015
118. Goldeen - minakokitty
119. SeaKing - Athena_chan
124. Jynx -
131. Lapras - Tristen Citrine
133. Eevee  - personanimus
136. Flareon - iveyew
138. Omanyte - Arkadia's bf
144. Articuno -rebel_deep_blue
146. Moltres - darkfariequeen
147. Dratini - meiran
148. Dragonair - moonlessgarden
149. Dragonite -
150. Mew2 - animeisha
151. Mew -
152. Chikorita - oneautumnday
Maganium- idadebeautreux
157. Typhlosion - Adam
162. Furret - railiens
164. noctowl - jacksonaces
168. Ariados - andromedashun
172 Pichu - koneko
178. Xatu/Natu - Souvay
183. Marill - yuffieleonheart
184: Azumarill - lunaladyoflight
185. Sudowoodo -  masamichan
186. Politoed - riki_hime
196. Espeon - Livvylove
197. Umbreon -Misaokitty
198. Murkrow - cobheran
203. Girafarig - kleinerkolibri
teddiUrsa - themaskedhelper
218  Slugma  - Val
222. Corola - katielovespink
227. Skarmory - jezeroth
230. Kingdra - brilliantnova
242. Blissey - chienverde
249. Lugia - dominun
257. Blaziken - hybrid_twist
258. Mudkip - domminess
262. Mightyena - Darkfirewolf
267. Buttifly - star_angel83
275. Shiftry - Sephisama
281. Kirlia -
282. Gardevoir - zacku
284 Masquerain - nyaonyaoneko
285. Shroomish - Missi
301, Delcatty -
304.  Aron - Juego
306. Aggron - junemermaid
311. & 312 Plusle & Minun - Limebarb & Pamelaneko
333: Swablu - jedibubbles
335. Zangoose -Drteng
344. Claydol - talianthala
350.  Milotic -maryssa
352, Kecleon - pixellatedcake's brother
355. Duskul - eggsterminatus
379: Registeel - Jia Crens
380. Latias - yunalala
383 Groudon - enemy_anime
386. Deoxys - DR. Anime
393. Puplip - Benny
403. Shinx -IchigoKitty
luxio - vartan
405. luxray - hachiroku20v
Vespiquen - violet_lane
421. Cherrim - slayer_sango
425. Drifloon -  Animiko
426. Drifblim -  the masayume
427. Buneary - Lainabug
429. Mismagius - Fariedust38
430 Honchkrow - docthestampede
431. Glameow- rasmirin
437. Bronzong - sobegreentea</b></span>
441. Chatot - LilacWire
444. Gabite - hikaruchan
448. Lucario - kasaiface
457 Lumineon - kurthy133
461. Weavile -animechicky2040
462. Magnezone - _dejiko_
470. Leafeon - roguesamus
Glaceon - ravenmist7
478, Froslass  - hoshikage
487. Giratina - linkthehero
488. Cresselia - chibi_plum
491 Darkrai - tehsmex
492. Shaymin - awakesoon
493. Arceus -aitsu

Dawn - Anime Angel
Sabrina- ed the chibi

Below are some of the designs to hopefully perk your interest.


Unlocked so I'm not saying anything behind your backs

I'm very upset about what happend.

Brandon is a good guy, and a good friend. 
When I had no car for little over a month due to not having the funds to fix it, Brandon was the only one who took the time to pick me up so I could hang out.   
Out of all my friends in the Orlando area, he also lives the farthest away.

It sickens me that this happend to him.    
It is not his fault, it is not Nikki's fault. 

Get well soon Brandon, I'm praying for you. 

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